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Value-Added services

Our mission is to build the trustworthy and profitable global IT company providing our customers with high quality software and services

Techazhon is key differentiator business partner for your business digital transformation. Techazhon’s deep understanding of technology and business process plays a vital role in overall project execution. We just not develop and produce but also consult and advice the customer the best way to do it and justify why it must have done in proper way and what is the impact on other business processes. Throughout the project execution our technology governance program does risk assessment on each project activity and development.

Techazhon’s programme management always keep track of project budget and deadlines without compromising the customer expectation.

Techazhon’s ensure the product development and consulting services go through proper quality check before it deployed for testing.

Techazhon’s team is loaded with latest technology tools to perform super task with no time and easily accessible around the clock for better communication and coordination.

Techazhon’s audit service provides insight of business process mapped in application and its gap. Further it produce audit HML risk report with impact assessment and recommended steps to mitigate the risk with resolution.

Techazhon’s advisory team does business review and recommend the enhancement to optimize and automate business process by configuring business validation, customization, Interface development or business process reengineering.

Techazhon’s believe that digital transformation must have intelligence to automate small process and auto reconciliation and escalation of mismatch. Each business process must be built with intelligence that require minimal human interference and zero papers.