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Techazhon Mobile Application Development Company in India

In era of technology that is bringing the convivence in day-to-day personal life and day to day work management; is changing the lifestyle and workstyle. We address the real shift and future of the coming change. We consult the future road map of the business over technology driven by mobility.

Preference is the choice dominated by convivence, hence all business processes dramatically shifting to compatible platform of hand-held devices like Mobile and Tablet.

Techazhon not only identify your business processes of phase 1 shift of your business to mobility transformation but also draft the technology transformation road map of your business.

As top mobile app development agency, we understand from our experience that two basic steps, that must follow to robust the complete technology transformation are as follow.

  1. Launch of mobility driven business processes. (Plan-Design-Develop-Execute)
  2. Enhance the user experience and behaviour with auto intelligence.

Techazhon provide its consulting and product development services across the global market and it’s a leading mobile app development company in India. Techazhon first milestone is to be top mobile app company in Noida. Techazhon is just not only app development company but also act as a true advisor to its client and guide the best business practices in mobile app development.

Techazhon provides the blend flavour of consulting and hard-core development in top notch technologies. We design and code based on latest technology and programming style is based on API development process. That means once you process and sub process developed same can be reused in another App development like (Web, Android, IOS, Third Party Interface).     

Techazhon consulting design the process and its sub-process flow and expected behaviour. Techazhon development team welding the design and code with latest framework with expected behaviour, input and output of the process.

For instance, Shopping Cart is a process which has sub-process of applying Discount coupon or vouchers or specific bank credit card discount. Process has defined set of input parameters and expected behaviour and change in behaviour of the process based on Adding more items to card, adding and removing of the quantity of the item, applying discount coupon and etc. Shopping cart Process also have definite output that is the total amount to be paid and this output is input of another process named payment Gateway which has purpose to validate and authenticate the payment from respective bank.

When hand-held device-based shopping card process deployed with input & output flow and expected behaviour then the first stage of transformation completes. The next stage begins with ease of operating the designed process that is user experience and to bring more intelligence by enhancing and optimizing the code to give the experience of convivence.

Techazhon has sense of responsibility and trust of their client and each project is equally important to us. Consulting flavour of Techazhon on core development gives an intelligence and scope of ease of enhancement in overall process or sub-process development.   

Add on advantages of choosing Techazhon for your project is that every project has been executed under our project management office which compose of clear definition of scope of work in black and white, project timeline, project budget, project communication, project risk management, project audit, project quality check and review and project governance.

Techazhon have Morden workforce, we live and adopt today’s changing environment and Morden office work style. Our offices are where our computers are: at our office, a co-working space, a coffee shop, in an airport or on a train. We use Morden collaborate software like Skype, Team, GoToMeeting, Zoom and WhatsApp to communicate more effectively with our colleagues around the world in real time. We follow the world clock and will be easily available for any project discussion and project updates around the clock as per your convince time.          

Do you have project in mind and would like to discuss with our consulting team then please contact or write us on consult@techazhon.com.            

Author: Gaurav Bisht (Consulting Partner)

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