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Techazhon e-Commerce Development Company in India

One of the best ecommerce development company in India and top leading ecommerce development company in Noida has now launched its owned in house developed ecommerce product which can let you run and up your ecommerce projects in just 2 weeks. You must read this blog to understand the sentiments that are attached with each different type of industry in this market. 

E-commerce is a virtual sales channel that open 24*7*365 days in a year also commonly known as online store. Any website or mobile app that supports financial transactions through payment gateway it comes under e-commerce and m-commerce.

As mentioned virtual sales channel, each e-commerce is designed and developed based on industry standards. Private organization’s dealing in online sales of goods will have totally different approach in design & development than any other public organization e-commerce platform. Even social marketing and advertising and the online campaigns are designed very differently for each industry sector.

Techazhon has versatile industry expertise and knowledge of know-how and best practices for each industry specific e-commerce platform. Following are very common classification of e-commerce platform.

  • B2B - Business to Business
  • B2C - Business to Consumer
  • C2B - Consumer to Business
  • B2E - Business to Employee
  • C2C - Consumer to Consumer


There may be different factors for each organization to enable e-commerce.

  1. Increasing sales.
  2. Automate the business process of Order management, collection and logistics.
  3. Enhancing the user convenience & Organization service turnaround time.
  4. Redesign the business process for more efficiency and accuracy.
  5. Integrating back-office system and launching of CRM for existing customer retention and better post-sales support.


Based on Techazhon’s experience, Implementation of e-commerce project is depending on the size of the organizations and target audience. For any enterprise level company e-commerce is part of customer engagement & management. For any Mid-size company e-commerce is more about automating the process and for any small size company e-commerce is more about sales channel or online store.   


Following is the basic requirement that must to have for all industries to enable the e-commerce.


  1. Getting a Merchant Bank Account
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Web Design Considerations
  4. Registering a Domain Name
  5. Obtaining a Digital Certificate



There are n number of factors that need to be consider based on project outcome expectation and which definitely will have different project coasting. A simple e-commerce enabled web site or online store can be launch in less then a day and coast of the project may lie between 100 – 200 USD with recuring coast of 10 USD.  

Similarly an e-commerce platform launch can take you upto three to six months and cost may lie between 100,000 - 500,000 USD.

Following are few of the process which are linked with e-commerce enablement and its tightly integrated through automation.

  1. Managing product information or catalogue
  2. Adding and updating product pricing and offers.
  3. Order management – Creating, Shipping, invoicing, credit note, returns. 
  4. Automated Customer support and Incident despite management through AI bot
  5. Payment collection & auto reconciliation with orders
  6. Advance notification system, minimum level stock management.
  7. Analytics and reporting on site visitors and fast-moving products.


Techazhon has vertical e-commerce solution developed inhouse which has more or less all common features that an ideal ecommerce must have and any size of organization can adopt and grow with it.


Techazhon has sense of responsibility and trust of their client and each project is equally important to us. Consulting flavour of Techazhon on core development gives an intelligence and scope of ease of enhancement in overall process or sub-process development.   

Add on advantages of choosing Techazhon for your project is that every project has been executed under our project management office which compose of clear definition of scope of work in black and white, project timeline, project budget, project communication, project risk management, project audit, project quality check and review and project governance.

Techazhon have Morden workforce, we live and adopt today’s changing environment and Morden office work style. Our offices are where our computers are: at our office, a co-working space, a coffee shop, in an airport or on a train. We use Morden collaborate software like Skype, Team, GoToMeeting, Zoom and WhatsApp to communicate more effectively with our colleagues around the world in real time. We follow the world clock and will be easily available for any project discussion and project updates around the clock as per your convince time.         

Do you have project in mind and would like to discuss with our consulting team then please contact or write us on consult@techazhon.com.           

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