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Techazhon Website Development Company in India

Techazhon is leading website development company in India and Top website development company in Noida which has rich source of experience and resources that can rollout simple to complex website development project. 

Businesses face this as a challenge due to lack of transparency, available options and non-existing standards of web offerings. Techazhon’s web specialists understand your technology aspirations and articulate your technological needs in to web reality through a transparent model. Our proven methodology guide takes stock of your business requirements followed by time bound plan with detailed fragmentation of requirements in number of features, pages to UX design which is expandable, exportable, adaptable to changing business needs.

We transform your imagination in reality for easy customer adoption, retention and visibility

Finding a right partner to enable your presence on world wide web is very herculean task due to lack of standardization in this sphere unlike readymade applications. We analysed this market very carefully and learnt that market offers a simple website for as low as US$ 49 to US$ 100,000 or more.

The key of web development approach is segregated in five phases and each phase is equally important. 

Idea: First step is conceptualization of an idea

Research: Second step is to research precisely specify how a concept will be measured.

Design: A simple and catchy design that self-explainer & can guide website users' eyes and tell them where you want them to look. 

Development: Reusable code and extendable approach of coding is the key of enhancement.

Launch: important is prelaunch planning and post launch planning.

Our specialists advise our clients on seasonal needs, customer behavioural changes, need of change on global lookout to statistical capability to support business during web enablement.


Our services include;

  • Project scoping and planning
  • UX design (Magento, custom databases (Sql, Oracle, MSSQL))
  • Revamp of existing web applications
  • Website Development (Php, Dot Net (MVC6), Share point)
  • Website Maintenance
  • Social integration
  • Responsive websites
  • Web mobility-Development of mobile applications (IOS, Android)

We have developed an integrated methodology to conduct Web development project to ensure the business transformation meets its aligned objectives. Our view point on web development project is “outcome” driven instead of just the “output”. Techazhon’s approach is driven based on integration of critical elements of project briefed below;

  1. Requirement Gathering and Product Management
  2. Analysis and Design
  3. Code and Content Development
  4. Business Information Management, includes Security
  5. Configuration and Change Management
  6. Testing
  7. Content Management and Deployment
  8. Integration, Application Enhancement, and Maintenance
  9. Product Document Library, Knowledge base, Training
  10. Support, Customer Contact, and Feedback

Techazhon‘s web development and deployment methodology is divided in to 10 key stages where each  stage is an integral part of the project. As Web based deployments are iterative processes this may vary starting at Stage 9, where content management, and deployment are part of the added feature set gained from Application Enhancement often based on Customer Feedback, and is a part of maintenance.


Techazhon has sense of responsibility and trust of their client and each project is equally important to us. Consulting flavour of Techazhon on core development gives an intelligence and scope of ease of enhancement in overall process or sub-process development.   

Add on advantages of choosing Techazhon for your project is that every project has been executed under our project management office which compose of clear definition of scope of work in black and white, project timeline, project budget, project communication, project risk management, project audit, project quality check and review and project governance.

Techazhon have Morden workforce, we live and adopt today’s changing environment and Morden office work style. Our offices are where our computers are: at our office, a co-working space, a coffee shop, in an airport or on a train. We use Morden collaborate software like Skype, Team, GoToMeeting, Zoom and WhatsApp to communicate more effectively with our colleagues around the world in real time. We follow the world clock and will be easily available for any project discussion and project updates around the clock as per your convince time.          

Do you have project in mind and would like to discuss with our consulting team then please contact or write us on consult@techazhon.com.           

Author: Gaurav Bisht (Consulting Partner)

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